Step 2: Learn more about the species

The Turquoise-fronted Amazon Project was created in 1997 by Dr. Glaucia Seixas, who still coordinates the actions for the preservation of the species. Currently the project, which is based in Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul), has the support of the Claravis Institute / Parque das Aves for its execution and the Neotrópica do Brasil Foundation for its co-execution. This year it also counts on the partnership with Naples Zoo, Refúgio Ecológico Caiman and NuTropica, along with Amigos do Louro.

The Turquoise-fronted Amazon is the species that every year suffers the most from the decrease of offspring in the natural populations. Thousands of nestlings are stolen from the nests to supply the illegal pet trade, in Brazil and abroad. This occurs mainly because this parrot is considered to be the “best talker” among all the Brazilian psittacidae species.

The situation is aggravated by traffickers who break into or even knock down nests to get nestlings (currently there are also records of looting of eggs). This creates two irreparable losses for the species: the loss of nestlings and the reduction of available nests for reproduction in the following years. The end result is a decrease in the natural populations in several Brazilian states.

Total of nests already
installed by the project

200 nests

Total of funds already raised
with the Adopt a Nest campaign

R$ 33.709,70

Values updated on April 19, 2022

Number of new nests
that can be installed

112 nests

Step 3: Choose the amount of your donation and learn about the benefits

Voluntary donations

Benefits: Special receipt with campaign identity

Donations from R$300 to R$499

Benefits: Special receipt with campaign identity, social network frame and photo of the parrot species

Donations from R$500 to R$999

Benefits: Special receipt with the identity of the campaign, frame for social networks, photo of the parrot species, certificate with photo of the nest and its location (state and city) and simple video of the adopted nest.

Donations over R$1,000

Benefits: Complete kit, brief report of the reproductive period with news of the “godson”, exclusive photos, personalized thank-you video and passport to an exclusive virtual “baby shower”.

Step 4: Choose to donate by bank transfer or by Pix (instant payment system of Central Bank of Brazil). And, make your donation!

Banco: Itaú 

Chave Pix: 67 99252-8866

Titular da conta: Glaucia Seixas (coordenadora do projeto)

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