When art and conservation go hand in hand the result is impressive

At the end of 2021, the artists who form the ABUN Group have expressed their support for the Adopt a Nest campaign. Artworks from around the world will help reach and raise awareness of the donors.

ABUN (Artists & Biologists Unite for Natureis a group that brings together artists from all over the world to support biodiversity conservation. Through their creations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and many other art forms, the artists portray animals, natural habitats, and the amazing results of conservation projects. The group had already supported the work for parrots in previous years, but in 2021 they accepted the invitation to portray the four species supported by the Adopt a Nest campaign – the Turquoise-fronted Parrot, the Red-spectacled Parrot, the Red-tailed Parrot and the Vinaceous-breasted Parrot.

The artists were able to start their creations based on the photographs and videos they received. And, the result has been amazing. Very generously, the artworks are always shared for free with conservation projects and can be used in communication and environmental education actions, to raise awareness of the cause among a larger number of people.

All this work is led by the founders, artist Kitty Harvill and Christoph Hrdina. The two of them chose to live in Brazil, among other reasons, because of the natural beauty of our country.


We are very happy to share the first results of this generous task force. The artists are still sharing their contributions. As soon as new works are available, we will share them on our blog and social networks. We also suggest that you follow this and other projects on the group’s Facebook page.

Peter Ward, watercolor, 9" x 12", photo courtesy of SPVS
Pat Latas - Red-spectacled Parrot/Papagaio-charão
Pat Latas - Red-tailed Parrot/Papagaio-de-cara-roxa
Pat Latas - Vinaceous-breasted Parrot/Papagaio-de-peito-roxo
Tatiana Petrova, Red-spectacled Parrot/Papagaio-charão, photo courtesy of Charão Project/AMA
Pat Latas - Red-spectacled Parrot/Papagaio-charão
Tatiana Petrova - Turquoise-fronted Parrot/Papagaio Verdadeiro
Kimio Honda, Papagaio Verdadeiro
Kimio Honda, Papagaio Verdadeiro

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